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Books for holistic health and success:

physical, emotional, mental und spiritual Health and Harmony


Do you want to enjoy your healthy back

and your better health again?

Here you can get how to achieve it!




Holistic consultations and help -

in the areas of health, harmonious living and success in business:


Best Life & Health

Super Living Concepts

for best Health, Business and Success


Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to rejuvenate?

Yes, it is possible!

Here you can learn how to start.







Best Life Color Therapy

Color-Therapies for your best Health and Success


Do you suffer from stress, depression or burn-out?

The BEST LIFE Color-Therapies
can help you within 3 minutes!




Best Life Spinal Therapy

Your spine in best health!


Do you suffer from back pain?

Causes you the spine always problems?

The BEST LIFE Spinal Therapy can help you!





Best Water

The water for your best health and vitality!


Do you want to improve your health?

Do you want to have more power and vitality?

Here you can see in 8 minutes how!





Best for Homes


Healthy living and working, building biology, environmental influences and ecology:


International Institute for Building &

Construction Biology and Meta-Ecology


Creating healthy, harmonious and secure homes, businesses and environments


Can't you sell your property?

Are you looking for a suitable property for your home or business?

Do you want to know how to proceed?

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Super Living Quantum-Programs

for best Health, Harmony and Success


Multilateral and comprehensive programs

for wonderful holistic health, vitality and enjoyment of life:


Do you get always the same problems?

Do you want to improve your life and health?

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